Sensazone - The Washroom Water Saver

Sensazone - The Washroom Water Saver

The latest product from Cistermiser, one of the leading UK specialists in commercial washroom water management, is a method of controlling water supply to all the appliances in a washroom.

Sensazone is an intelligent infrared sensor located on the ceiling that dictates the activation of solenoids to allow the supply of water only when it detects the movement of someone entering the washroom. It continues to monitor the user as long as movement is recognised and after that the length of time allowed for the continued supply of water is pre-set, either 15 or 30 minutes being the norm. All inflow then ceases once more preventing water loss due to faulty appliances, negligence or vandalism. To take a defective WC valve as an example, Cistermiser has calculated that the use of Sensazone would save nearly 900 litres per week for a mere drip and nearer 85,000 litres/week if the valve were to be fully open. Convert that into pounds and pence in a metred system and the figures are truly alarming.

For optimum efficiency the Sensazone PIR unit should be placed close to the door into the washroom while the solenoids it controls (one each for hot and cold supply and a third if ‘grey water’ is in use) as close as practically possible to the supply entry point. An LED display flashes green every three seconds whenever the washroom is in use, only ceasing when the sensor cuts off the supply. If the room has not been used for twelve hours a hygiene cycle is automatically activate and repeated at twelve hour intervals.

Simple to install with false or solid ceilings, Cistermiser’s Sensazone system is a practical and highly effective method for any organisation to prevent water loss for an entire washroom, saving the need for the constant monitoring of individual appliances.

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