Shaping the way in landscape design: RailRoad [Blog]

Shaping the way in landscape design: RailRoad [Blog]

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A short list of geometry terms that every landscape architect will use in their day-to-day. But why are these words so crucial? Shape and form are used to define space in landscapes, whilst curves are considered natural and soften any harsh lines. These elements combined play a vital role in transforming space and creating a unique experience on landscape schemes.

These elements are also used to create quirky seating arrangements that are becoming increasingly popular on outdoor schemes; in comparison to the straightforward linear bench. As well as making for a more inclusive space, creative public seating has a significant impact on a space and provides a centerpiece, drawing people in to sit and dwell in an area for longer. The added placement of armrests or a tabletrest can also provide a safe seating distance even on the wildest of designs!

Here are some exciting ways Furnitubes RailRoad modular seating solution can be used to create unique designs on landscape schemes:

Open & enclosed circles

Full circular arrangements are ideal for placing around specific site features such as specimen trees. Enclosed circle shapes with wide or narrow gaps are suitable for occasional access to the central area. The inclusion of these gaps helps to visually break up large volumes of seating.


Made up of four modules, RailRoad circular layouts with a single gap are popular in education schemes as the gap allows access to the central space, making the horseshoe arrangement popular as an external teaching area.

Waves & twirls

A subtle variation of straight seating without taking up too much space. Gentle waves can be created starting with two modules and enhanced to eccentric twirls by simply adding more modules. Perfect for leisure centres and transport hubs.


A popular choice by landscape architects, the oval is an alternative to the complete circle and used widely at stadiums and concert halls. Starting with eight RailRoad modules or adding more for a bigger scheme.


Combining six modules, this unique layout can create a stand out scheme bringing something very different to a seating design. Ideal for placement around columns or perhaps a street clock or statue.

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