Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (STHFT)

Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (STHFT)

Client: Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (STHFT)
Type of works: supply and installation of Lotus SmartOne® toilet-tissue dispensers.

Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (STHFT) delivers quality healthcare throughout the South Yorkshire region and operates across five different sites across Sheffield city centre. With more than 13,000 staff, the Domestic and Residence Service Team have a busy task ahead of them every day, ensuring that washrooms are clean, tidy and fully stocked for both patients and visitors.

STHFT wanted its toilet-tissue dispensers to be hygienic and have a modern and uniform feel throughout all hospital departments. Following a visit to the NHS Infection Control Conference, they opted to install the Lotus Professional SmartOne® system to improve hygiene levels whilst also rejuvenating the appearance of its washrooms.

Hygiene is a top priority for the NHS. Busy hospitals need effective products that perform well under high-frequency environments. However, alongside the need to improve hygiene, hospitals also recognise the need to reduce waste and make procurement more cost-effective. STHFT was concerned by the amount of paper that seemed to be wasted with tissue being left on the floor in their washrooms. This made the routine task of cleaning the facilities more difficult and time consuming for the Domestic Services employees. This issue led to increased costs and made the washrooms less sanitary, as the excess paper strewn on the floor made cross-contamination a possibility. STHFT needed a new washroom product that would solve the issues of increased procurement activity and hygiene concerns which would ultimately make washroom maintenance easier and less time consuming. They chose Lotus Professional’s SmartOne®.

STHFT chose the SmartOne® system because it provided a practical solution to the hygiene and cost issues they faced, whilst also bringing an element of style into the NHS washrooms. Jackie Morris, Head of Domestic Services and Residences, explained: "We already used Lotus Professional’s Compact double dispenser in a select few of our washrooms and were pleased with how reliable the products were. Following a visit to the NHS Infection Control Conference, we were really impressed with SmartOne®; how it looked, its controlled dispensing and fully enclosed system. We have now installed 2,400 SmartOne® dispensers throughout the hospitals and are planning to fit more in the future."

SmartOne® is an ideal solution for high-traffic washrooms as its unique design means users only touch the sheet taken, which helps to greatly reduce cross-contamination. The enclosed roll means less tissue is pilfered or wasted, further improving levels of hygiene, as tissue is not dropped on the floor. The single-sheet dispensing reduces consumption, leading to a more environmentally friendly washroom as the controlled delivery of tissue eliminates accidental dispensing. SmartOne’s self-presenting mechanism also makes it very easy to use, as the tissue is immediately visible and accessible.

Another great feature of SmartOne®, which makes it ideal for use in hospitals, is its sealed structure. This means that no objects or items such as hypodermic needles can be lodged inside its casing, preventing needle-stick issues, particularly in Outpatient departments. With its sleek, round design, SmartOne® is a contemporary and stylish dispenser which keeps washrooms looking tidy as the roll remains concealed beneath the outer casing. SmartOne® is available in two colours: White and Blue. STHFT opted for the Blue coloured systems to give its washrooms a uniformly fresh and professional appeal, which reassures patients about standards of hygiene in the hospitals and adds a touch of style to the facilities.

Jackie Morris continued: "The SmartOne® system looks stylish and is easy to use. I am really impressed with the quality of both the dispenser and the tissue and have noticed that the rolls now last longer. In fact, SmartOne® rolls last longer between refills than any other dispensing system, something the domestic staff have hugely appreciated."

Emma Nourry, Trade Marketing Manager, Lotus Professional: "We are delighted Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust have chosen SmartOne® for their washrooms. Hygiene is paramount within the healthcare industry and SmartOne delivers hygiene, efficiency and style all in one.

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