Signage & décor to reflect a unified brand

Signage & décor to reflect a unified brand

FASTSIGNS developed a range of new, uniform, exterior signage for a chain of residential care homes. The Lillian Faithfull charity had recently rebranded their residential care homes to identify with their new strategic direction, offering more than just homes for the elderly but also a range of new care facilities, including day care, becoming Lillian Faithfull Care.

Having acquired additional care home facilities and launched their new services, the brand needed to effectively notify the local community of their name change but also retain the trust that the brand had built under their previous name. A further signage need was to develop the interior décor of the care homes, creating a relaxed and comfortable environment for residents.

Working directly with the charity’s management, FASTSIGNS developed a range of new, uniform, exterior signage for all residential care homes within the group, using a combination of post and panel signs and temporary banners to promote the group’s new day care facility. They also helped make Lillian Faithfull Care’s message mobile by using vehicle vinyl graphics to brand their vans.

Taking direction from research into care for dementia sufferers a range of bold and vivid canvases were developed using suitable scenic photographs to help enhance the residents’ sensory experience. The images were printed on to a matt finish canvas to reduce glare and stretched over frames for a clean and contemporary look.

The overall development of the exterior signage helped Lillian Faithful to effectively rebrand their residential care homes and present a unified brand across each of their facilities. In line with this, the investment into their interior décor has improved the overall homeliness of the facilities and helped strengthen the trust between the care facility, their residents and their families.

Commenting on the lift wraps, Ian Baller, Facilities Manager for Lillian Faithful Care said: "They have had a massive impact for our residents suffering with dementia, who easily get frustrated and confused when they see a lift that they cannot operate. Disguising them with stunning imagery and pictures has really helped us to keep our residents safe and has also softened an area that previously had quite an industrial feel".

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