Sika Sarnafil products at Center Parcs refurbishment

Sika Sarnafil products at Center Parcs refurbishment

Sika Sarnafil S327-18EL and Sika Sarnafil G410-18EL in Patina Green were used during the refurbishment of Longleat Center Parcs’ Subtropical Swimming Paradise refurbishment.

A major challenge during the refurbishment was meeting the environmental conditions of both sides of the roof: the side over the swimming pool and the side covering restaurants and meetings rooms.

Two distinct solutions were proposed – a mechanically fastened system using Sarnafil S327-18EL for the dry side and an adhered system using Sarnafil G410-18EL for the more humid area. Both were specified in Patina Green to blend with the natural environment.

An innovative temporary terraced platform was designed and installed, suspended underneath the main structure by cables and lattice beam scaffold units. Work was carried out over 16 separate sections, like a wagon wheel – ensuring the structure was not compromised by uneven load distribution.

This stepped, terraced temporary roof was then covered with plywood and completely weathered by Delomac with a Sarnafil membrane. With the temporary roof in place, existing glazing and coverings could be safely removed, maintaining water-tightness with guests enjoying the facilities below.

Comprehensive vapour barrier measures were used on the pool side of the building to ensure the high humidity chlorinated environment was contained. Robust SFS sealant and Sarnafil metal-lined vapour barrier detailing at all Glulam beams and fascia interfaces ensured no risk of condensation.

Sarnafil membrane and accessories were used for all the coverings, and again overall specification development was tailored to suit the varying build-ups; new, overlay, bonded and mechanically fastened.

An increased thickness membrane was manufactured in one single batch to ensure colour consistency. Sika added further value with an impressive 17 visits to the site by the Applications Team to advise and support.

The finished installation has transformed the internal and external appearance of the building. Rooflights and white soffit finished decking have provided a bright and airy environment, with the external green finish blending subtly with the landscape.

Most importantly, safe, unlimited guest access to the pool, restaurants and meeting areas was maintained throughout the entire project.

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