Sika-Trocal launch spray-application primer

Sika-Trocal launch spray-application primer

Sika-Trocal launch instant-dry spray application primer to reduce installation time by 50%.

Primer 610 has been specifically developed to attain superb bonding strength, whilst being quick and easy to apply.

The primer comes in a 19.66kg pressurised canister that covers approximately 180m2 to 200m2.

The tooling includes a unique long-life rubber hose that requires virtually no flushing through. Its speedy application is enhanced by using two nozzles.

The pressurised canister reduces waste and once empty, it can be easily decommissioned by using a special punch to push in the valve.

S-Vap 4000E SA FR consists of a polymer modified bitumen with a glass-fibre mat reinforcement and an aluminium foil as top layer, its simple and quick installation is due to it being self-adhesive.

Ideal for a range of substrates, it can be used as temporary waterproofing for up to four weeks during the construction phase until the roof the Sika-Trocal roof system is required to be completed.

The Sika-Trocal Insulation is then mechanically attached through the S-Vap 4000E SA FR and the appropriate Sika-Trocal membrane finishes the system. S-Vap 4000E SA FR then acts as a high performance vapour control layer.

S-Vap 5000E SA FR and Primer 610 are the latest high-quality, cost-effective additions to Sika Trocal’s exemplary roofing range.

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