Sika-Trocal system for Fieldhead Hospital

Sika-Trocal system for Fieldhead Hospital

Sika-Trocal’s watertight roof system proved the ideal solution for a complex installation at Fieldhead Hospital in Wakefield.

A new-build facility at the hospital in West Yorkshire was established to replace older ward areas including patient accommodation areas and treatment rooms. The construction, taking place in multiple phases, includes the installation of a 4,300m2 roof.

The first phase provided a smart, watertight system to an unusually shaped, multi-directional roof featuring a myriad of details including plant materials and Rooflights. For this a Sika-Trocal® Type ‘S’ system was selected.

The 2mm-thick, mechanically-fastened membrane was affixed to the building’s metal decking. Renowned for its flexibility and the ease with which it accommodates intricate roofing details, the homogenous single-ply Type ‘S’ system was installed across an initial 2,000m2 area by contractors FCB Roofing – on behalf of Interserve Construction – using Sika-Trocal’s unique laminated metal discs.

Tapered insulation to a thickness up to 400mm was installed in conjunction with the slate grey Type ‘S’ system. This accommodated the roof’s intricate multi-directional design and its various falls. For the roof’s 2-metre verticals and curved areas, Sika-Trocal parapet trim provided a crisp, uniform finish.

Thanks, in part, to the adaptable, watertight properties of Sika-Trocal® Type S system, patients at this much-valued psychiatric facility have a new building in which to reside in long-term comfort and safety.

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