Sika-Trocal system for ReFood recycling plant

Sika-Trocal system for ReFood recycling plant

Sika-Trocal’s Type S system was used for a challenging roof installation across five, 18-metre-high industrial towers at ReFood’s site in Dagenham.

Food recycling specialists, ReFood, has developed an anaerobic digestion plant beside the Thames in Dagenham, Essex. The £32million site will be capable of processing 160,000 tonnes of food waste per year.

The development includes five, 18-metre-high digestion towers that facilitate the food’s conversion to gas, and a pump room which powers the process.

Each building is circular in shape, therefore when it came to the roof installation, contractors Hadfield Roofing, on behalf of Britcon, required a system that could be adapted to fit the challenging design whilst remaining watertight. The Sika Type S system proved ideal.

The 1,400m2 roof installation at the ReFood recycling plant began in July 2016. The 2mm Type S light grey membrane was applied to each roof’s flat concrete base.

Installers not only had the towers’ height and shape to contend with, the site’s location beside the Thames meant wind funneled directly toward the buildings, making for a potentially challenging affixing process.

The Type S system’s easy-to-install properties ensured the operation was completed with minimal issue. Carrying full BBA accreditation, the system does not require a separate fastening system for thermal insulation as it utilises the same disc and fastener for securing the insulation and the waterproofing membrane.

The Type S membrane’s flexibility was also crucial in allowing for watertight, circular detailing where the towers abutted the plant room roof below.

The Type S membrane’s adaptability and simple application ensured each roof at the Dagenham food recycling plant was completed to the client’s strict eight-month deadline and full satisfaction. The system comes with a 20-year guarantee

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