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Simple solution to basement & sewer flooding

Simple solution to basement & sewer flooding

Over the last few years, flooding has become an issue that has affected more and more properties, and is a trend that looks to continue for the foreseeable future. When Sewer flooding occurs it can cause devastation to properties, and in many situations the basement will be the first and worst hit.

The WaStop Check valve is a tried and tested method of preventing back flow in sewers and is used the world over to prevent basement flooding. The WaStop Check valve sits in-line with the existing sewer and forms a reliable and robust one way valve preventing the back flow from the sewer main which avoids the build-up of pressure that can cause a critical failure. The WaStop can now be supplied complete with a pre-formed access chamber which can be connected directly to the sewer line without the need for costly civil engineering. The chamber is cast from high quality HDPE which gives it a combination of strength and durability while being light weight and easy to install. The access chamber can be used in conjunction with riser rings to adjust the depth and topped with a standard manhole cover.

While the WaStop is designed to give decades of maintenance free protection, the WaStop Access chamber gives the user the ability to lift the WaStop clear of the chamber so it can be inspected without the need to enter the chamber. This feature is also particularly useful if there is a need clean the drains with a rod which otherwise may damage the silicon membrane.

WaStop Access Chamber Click here for more information on how the WaStop can be used to prevent sewer flooding.

WaStop Access Chamber Click here to find out more about the WaStop Access chamber.

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