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SMART electric radiators from Haverland with Wi-Fi & auto programming

SMART electric radiators from Haverland with Wi-Fi & auto programming

With the winter chill setting in, you want, at a minimum, a robust electric heater that warms a space efficiently and is easy to both install and operate. For Haverland, which has been manufacturing wall-mounted electric radiators since 1971 and is a market leader in its homeland, Spain, these features are a standard given.

Haverland’s latest SMART wall-mounted electric radiators, offer never-before-seen levels of heating control. With multiple options for programming and operating the radiators, and even the ability to link multiple radiators together, the SMART models from Haverland provide total flexibility and the ability to fully customise heating for every space.

The future of electric heating is here

Imagine a radiator that you simply install and switch on, no set-up, configuration or programming required. From the moment it’s switched on, Haverland’s electric radiator knows what date and time it is and will be set at a comfortable temperature. Thanks to clever, in-built motion sensing technology, Haverland’s SMART electric radiator knows when someone is in the room and intelligently sets itself to the ideal temperature. If no movement has been detected for a predetermined period, ULTRAD automatically lowers its temperature to an economy, then anti-frost setting – minimising energy consumption and reducing costs by avoiding unnecessary heating.

During its first week of operation, the radiator recognises patterns in when the room is used, creating daily programs. It automatically adjusts its settings so that the room is at the perfect temperature before it is occupied. The radiator then learns continuously, automatically repeating its intelligent daily and weekly cycles, while sensing and adapting to changes in when the room is used.

Flexible control options

Haverland’s SMART electric radiators are all about flexibility. Users can simply let the radiator programme itself, or they can choose to override and set specific temperatures and timings, with a 24/7 customised programming feature. The radiators are Wi-Fi connected via Haverland’s smart box system, which allows them to be controlled by smartphones, tablets or computers via the easy to use Haverland app. Uniquely, the app allows multiple SMART electric radiators to be fully controlled and programmed individually or all together as required by the installer and/or the end user.

Dry stone GPS controlled electric radiator

Haverland also offers a unique dry stone GPS electric radiator. This features a natural stone interior, with high thermal inertia that is ideal for efficiently heating larger or more open spaces. Its unique Geolocation feature activates the heating system before the user arrives home and deactivates when they leave. The electric radiator can also be voice controlled via Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, or controlled using a smartphone or tablet with the Haverland app.

Efficient installation and heating

Haverland’s SMART electric radiators feature a leading, accurate, built-in thermostat which holds the set temperature to within 0.2°C. This eliminates costly temperature fluctuation. The wall mounted SMART electric radiators are normally hardwired to a fused spur and are extremely easy to install. They require no portable appliance testing (PAT), maintenance or servicing.

Stocklists and further information

Haverland’s SMART wall-mounted electric radiators are stocked nationwide at leading electrical wholesalers. To read more and find out about sizes available, you can visit their website or for further information you can contact Haverland direct.

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