Smart Homes - 'making light work' on a small scale

Smart Homes - 'making light work' on a small scale

In the domestic housing market, based around a recovering economy where caution still reigns, there is a strong trend to refurbish and upgrade homes. Hamilton Litestat's products can deliver excellent solutions for any refurbishment or upgrade project.

There are products that can automate an entire home from top to bottom and these are great for projects that warrant them and customers that can afford them. But, for customers with not so grand properties nor such deep pockets who want a taste of the ‘automated lifestyle’, installing an affordable system on a small scale is now a real option. And of course you can really sell the energy- and cost-saving benefits of lighting control systems as a way of helping your clients see the advantage of investing in a system now, when finances may be more challenged.

Light to the touch
Something like Hamilton’s Mercury® Lighting Control Packs are an ideal entry-level lighting control solution. Basic day-to-day lighting scenarios, from simple dimming to scene-setting programmes, can be set, stored and recalled – all at the touch of a button. The encased dimmer hub is straightforward to access and wire-in and for simple applications can work ‘Out of the box’. Also dimmer packs can be linked together to add more circuits using simple dip switch settings.

Customers will love controlling their lighting via the wall-mounted control plates available as ‘capacitive touch’and ‘mechanical push-button’ in a range of styles and finishes, or by infrared remote control or wireless control via iPad and iPhone using a downloadable app. The energy and cost-saving benefits of lighting control systems add to the appeal of this option

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