Solar powered pathway lighting

Solar powered pathway lighting

Solispost illuminated bollards are a cost effective solution for lighting pathways. Providing tested and reliable lighting levels, they are a green and sustainable alternative to conventional electrically powered lighting bollards.

Power output and brightness have previously been a limitation with solar powered street furniture but advances in solar technology and a significant R and D investment in solispost now means that solar can be used in an increasing range of situations.

Solispost uses an on-board energy management system to maximise the effective use of the power generated by its PV panels. Two levels of illumination are available; a continuous lower lighting level is maintained continuously from dusk till dawn. When the solispost automatically detects someone approaching, the lighting level is increased for about 20 seconds as the person moves along the path to the next solispost which then increases its illumination. In this way there is a continuous reassuring pool of light that accompanies the person along the pathway.
Not only does this dual level of illumination make for an extremely efficient use of energy, it also reduces light pollution.

The solispost and its PV panels has been designed to make best use of the available sunshine especially in higher latitudes and during long periods of overcast skies, ensuring it is reliable whatever the time of year or weather conditions.

Solispost illuminated bollards come with a two year guarantee on all parts and an expected lifetime in excess of 10 years.

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