Solarspot tubular daylighting system for meeting room

Solarspot tubular daylighting system for meeting room

The Solarspot tubular daylighting system from Syneco has been installed in an internal meeting room creating an extremely energy efficient lighting solution. Milton Keynes based Bucks Biz has been pioneering the concept of providing all-inclusive quality work spaces at affordable prices in strategically important locations. They specialise in taking redundant industrial space and converting it into modular office units for companies with staff numbers ranging from one to one hundred.

To get around the daylight issue, Bucks-Biz is installing Solarspot tubular daylighting systems to pipe natural light into the heart of newly converted sites. 530mm diameter pipes, five meters long, bring daylight from the roof into offices and meeting spaces in the heart of the building. In addition to the obvious cost saving of using this no-energy lighting solution, there is also an abundance of data that prove the benefits of natural light in the workplace.

Daylight now floods into spaces that previously could only be occupied under artificial light. Occupants of the daylight spaces report that they feel more connected to the conditions outside – the light levels gradually change when the sun is out or when it moves behind a cloud. One worker commented "Forget low-energy lighting,this is no energy-lighting. The effect in the offices is brilliant, everyone is amazed at the difference".

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