Solispost illuminated bollards cut installation costs by 26%

Solispost illuminated bollards cut installation costs by 26%

When a local authority needed nine new illuminated bollards to light a footpath they looked at both solar powered solisposts and conventional electrically powered bollards. Quotes were received for both and solispost chosen based on its performance and a cost saving on supply and installation of 26%.

Solispost is a solar powered illuminated bollard introduced to the market in early 2015. Major investment in its design, both in hardware and in the power management system that controls the power usage and output to its LED, means that not only can it match a conventional bollard for light levels, it can operate effectively in northern latitudes, for long periods of cloudy weather, and throughout long northern winters.

The initial supply cost of the solispost unit was about twice that of its conventional rival, but the savings in installation costs meant that overall the solispost was the more economical option. Even though the location where the bollards were to be placed was in an urban area with an electricity supply easily available, the cost of trenching, cabling, making good and resurfacing far exceeded the extra supply cost of solispost.

Supply and install costs for the solisposts were £6858, with the equivalent cost of the electrical bollards being just over £9000, representing a saving of 26%.

Since the cost of installation of solispost is essentially similar independent of location, savings in installation costs will be even greater where an electricity supply is not close-by. In remote locations where connection to a power supply is not practicable and a generator not an acceptable option, solispost bollards allow lighting to be installed where no other solution is available.

Further savings will be made with zero running costs of the solispost bollards and no maintenance requirements beyond an annual wipe with a damp cloth to remove any dust or debris.

All solispost components are guaranteed for two years with an expected lifetime of 10 years.

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