solisposts cut light pollution

solisposts cut light pollution

Light pollution is something that we are all increasingly aware of and which councils are doing their best to minimise.

Lighting pedestrian and cycle pathways can cause something of a dilemma. Having lighting throughout the hours of darkness when perhaps very few people are around creates light pollution. On the other hand, turning lighting off at a predetermined hour is also not ideal especially for anyone needing to walk or cycle late at night or very early in the morning. It is a particular problem for shift workers leaving and going to work.

Solisposts provide the perfect answer. By providing a low level of continuous lighting, light pollution is kept to a minimum but when a person or cyclist approaches, the solispost illumination level is automatically increased as they pass by keeping them in a safe and reassuring pool of light at all times.

So lighting is only increased from a low background level when it is needed, greatly reducing light pollution but keeping a good level of light when it is needed

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