Soundcraft restoration works for Southern Housing Trust

Soundcraft restoration works for Southern Housing Trust

Soundcraft has provided over 600 new windows two (thirds box sash and one third casement), plus over 800 windows to be refurbished, as part of refurbishment works for the Southern Housing Trust.

The Liverpool Road Estate has six five storey residential blocks. Each block was to have a combination of new windows installed and existing windows refurbished. Of the 600 new windows, there were 7 different types; of the 800 refurbished windows there were 11 different types. The new windows were made from unsorted redwood, with European oak cills. Where refurbished windows required new sashes, these were also made from unsorted redwood, and a number of existing cills were replaced with oak cills. Some of the refurbished windows had repairs done on existing sashes, frames and cills, typically by ‘piecing in’ replacement timber, or using appropriate filler.

Soundcraft’s £1.2 package was completed on time and on budget. There were several elements that contributed to this successful outcome. Initially, and critically, was the need to replicate in all details the 100 year old conservation windows to satisfy the requirements of the planners. Once achieved, emphasis changed to maintaining the quality and volume of windows and sashes. Close liaison with Soundcraft’s on site management and installation team and the RLO to ensure works progressed in accordance with the programme was crucial, as was the sympathetic approach adopted by the installation team towards the residents.

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