South Tyneside Housing project

South Tyneside Housing project

Type of works: supply and installation of Daikin Altherma heat-pump and solar-thermal renewable technologies.

A major refurbishment project encompassing the installation of Daikin Altherma heat-pump and solar-thermal renewable technologies in 60 South Tyneside Housing properties wins National Energy Action (NEA) award in the North East Region.

Fuel poverty charity National Energy Action (NEA) recently recognised South Tyneside Housing for its housing refurbishment project of 60 properties. The use of the latest renewable technology combined with improved insulation of walls and roofs means that tenants can expect large reduction in energy costs helping to reduce fuel poverty.

Maria Wardrobe, Communications Director for NEA, said: "We would like to congratulate South Tyneside Homes on winning the regional award. The project is a great example of how the problems of fuel poverty and climate change can be tackled at the same time."

South Tyneside Housing recently (March 2010) opened its doors to its showcase home in Hebburn where both Daikin Altherma heat-pump and solar-thermal collectors have been installed as part of one of the largest combined renewable energy schemes in the country.

Built in the 1960s, and previously heated by a gas-powered boiler, the eco green home has been transformed into an environmentally-sustainable property. The house on the Lukes Lane Estate in Hebburn has been fitted with a Daikin Altherma air-source heat pump working in conjunction with a solar thermal system. Combining both heat-pump and solar-thermal technologies to replace a traditional gas boiler system for heating and hot water, can reduce fuel bills by up to 30%.

The air-source heat pump draws heat from the outside air before raising it to a higher temperature and distributing the heat around the radiators. The system is powered by electricity making the need for gas heating redundant. This will help drive down fuel bills and reduce CO2 emissions. It will also help lower household maintenance, as there will no longer be any need for gas inspections.

The Daikin Altherma heat pump is used to provide heating and hot water, with solar-thermal collectors providing efficient support for hot-water production. This layout maximizes the use of renewable free energy from the environment.

Around 60 homes are in line to benefit from the renewable energy scheme. Additional energy saving improvement works will also be made to these homes. These improvements include single- to double-glazing window upgrades and improvements to cavity-wall and loft insulations.

Isobel Riley said: "Opening the eco-home has been one of the proudest moments of my career. It is a great way for South Tyneside Homes to demonstrate our commitment to improving the environment in which we work, as well as helping our tenants to heat their homes in a more cost effective way."

Councillor Jim Sewell added: "For as long as I can remember the tenants on the Lukes Lane Estate have been forward thinking and looking to the future. So I think it is very fitting that the first home to benefit from the installation of these renewable technologies is on this estate."

Leon Cowley, South Tyneside Housing corporate environmental officer, said: "We could make savings of up to four tons of carbon a year from one property alone. The scheme will also help tackle fuel poverty and cut energy bills."

South Tyneside Homes work closely with a number of partners to carry out the refurbishment programme. Warmer Heating and Rothwell are installing the Daikin Altherma systems, which are manufactured by Daikin. They have also worked with: Energy Saving Trust; National Energy Action; environmental consultants SEQM; specialists such as NaREC; and government funded community based organisations such as Community Energy Solutions.

Graham Lishman, Sales Engineer for Daikin UK, said: "This is the largest residential project to date that Daikin has been part of in the North East. We were extremely pleased that Daikin was chosen as manufacturer, and we are confident that the partnership between ourselves and South Tyneside Homes can continue to be successful."

Bryan Glendinning, Commercial Director for Warmer Heating, added: "The installation of these systems is a huge opportunity to promote the great work that is being done in the North East around renewable energy."

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