Special stainless steel corbels at Tate Modern Extension

Special stainless steel corbels at Tate Modern Extension

Ancon has fabricated 12,000 special stainless steel corbels and over 600,000 stainless steel pins for Switch House, extension to Tate Modern in London.

Switch House is an impressive and sensitive addition to Tate Modern which is famously housed in the former Bankside Power Station on the south bank. While the new building replicates the material and colour of the original imposing brick power station, it could not be more different in terms of its geometry and style.

The 10 storey extension is a spectacular twisted pyramid-like shape, draped in an elegant brick lattice which is designed to allow light to filter in and out of the building; an effect which is most striking at night when interior lights glow through the colossal perforated brick screen.

The innovative façade comprises 336,000 bricks, stacked in pairs and pre-bonded with polymerised mortar. On the lower levels where the brickwork is solid, these units are offset in and out of the wall plane to add texture, while on the upper floors where the brick pattern is based on a Flemish Bond with the header bricks omitted to form perforations, the units are offset to form extraordinary sloping sides.

Brick panels are supported on stainless steel corbels, located in empty header positions throughout the façade, with each masonry unit being interlocked by four stainless steel pins.

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