Specialized UK Headquarters, Chessington, Surrey

Specialized UK Headquarters, Chessington, Surrey

Designer: Constructive Workspace
Type of works: supply of Artoleum®, Marmoleum® and Allura ranges in the Specialized flagship showroom.

One of the world’s leading bike companies has turned to Forbo Flooring Systems to provide a world-class flooring solution for its flagship showroom in the UK.

Forbo offers a total solutions portfolio and the flexibility this offered was just what Specialized needed to reinvent its ground-floor showroom and meeting suite at the Specialized UK headquarters in Chessington, Surrey.

Natural linoleum flooring from the Artoleum® and Marmoleum® collections were chosen for the showroom space. This was complemented with Allura, Forbo’s luxury vinyl-tile collection.

Constructive Workspace was commissioned as designers and contractors for the project and the design concept involved the creation of a curved entrance walkway, revealing the showroom space in a gentle, organic arc. Five full-height glass panels are positioned alongside this at oblique angles with Specialized bikes virtually suspended in front of the glass, creating a dramatic, high-impact entrance to the showroom.

Specialized’s brand colours and style had to be incorporated into the overall look and feel of the retail space. Allura in an aged wood effect highlighted the strong Red and Black colour combination of the branding.

The environmental ethos of the build was vital given Specialized’s standing as a supplier of pedal bikes, advocating sustainable living; in addition, all products within the workspace were assessed for their environmental impact.

Adam Burtt-Jones, Designer, working for Constructive Workspace, says: “When I specified the floor, usability and durability were of prime importance as the flooring was for a pedal-bike showroom environment, where the bikes and stands were to be moved frequently. In addition, as the retail space, aesthetics and the extensive range of colour choices were equally vital, I also took into concern environmental issues.”

Adam adds: “I feel that Artoleum® and Marmoleum® were the right choice for the environment; there are few other comparable products in the marketplace with the colour range, environmental benefits and durability strengths. The products absolutely met the original requirements and expectations and successfully delivered the original design concept.”

He concludes: “The Artoleum®, Allura and Marmoleum® vivace products from Forbo delivered an environment that absolutely met the brief that both constructive workspace and the client were demanding. The technical support, knowledge and help during the process of choosing the products and suitability were also invaluable.”

Forbo Marmoleum® and Artoleum® deliver stylish, hygienic, functional flooring, offering best value and exceptional environmental performance.

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