Stainless steel cycle stands for Elk Mill Retail Park

Stainless steel cycle stands for Elk Mill Retail Park

ASF was specified to produce a modern cycle stand for Elk Mill, a historical textile mill recently converted to a modern retail park.

As a nod to the heritage of the area, a silhouette of a sheep was chosen to be manufactured in stainless steel.

The sheep shaped cycle stands were manufactured in 20mm thick, grade 316 stainless steel. They were produced by plasma profiling 20mm thick stainless steel sheet, using computer numerically controlled machinery, and then hand polished.

Designed to be cast directly into the ground, grouting voids were profiled into the base below ground level for added stability, as well as holes to site rebar anchors for even more security and stability.

Once manufactured the sheep silhouettes weigh in at a hefty 69kg each of solid stainless steel.

The finished articles have met the brief and offered an artistic installation that has a definite practical application, modern in appearance but clearly referencing the history of the site and the region as a whole.

The heavy duty, high grade stainless steel finished hand polished offers a low maintenance and extremely robust product expected to last for decades.

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