StoneKAST frequently asked questions (FAQS)

StoneKAST frequently asked questions (FAQS)

Will a StoneKAST freestanding Bath fit in my Bathroom?
There is a StoneKAST freestanding bath to suit most bathroom layouts, no matter what space or design you have. The Quadrato bath at 1500mm x 680mm is ideal for smaller bathroom spaces providing an angular look. For bathroom designs with natural curves, the Petite bath at 1570mm x 670mm will be the perfect complement to your luxury bathroom. Where filling larger spaces is the objective, the Oasis bath at 1350mm in diameter will proudly sit in Grande bathroom areas. No matter what space you have available, and no matter what style you have in mind, one of the luxury stone baths by StoneKAST will surely provide you with a unique, elegant, tranquil, and ultimately beautiful bathroom .

Is a StoneKAST Bath comfortable to bathe in?
The StoneKAST surface, and the geometric shapes available make a StoneKAST bath quite simply the most comfortable tub to bathe in. There is a StoneKAST freestanding bath to suit most body shapes and sizes, whether you like to bathe alone or with a partner. If personal relaxation is of top priority then the Classic bath is probably the most suitable, If indulgent bathing meditation is your aim, then the Cocoon bath will tick all the boxes. If bathing in company then the Pebble bath will provide a unique bathing experience for partners.

Where do I put my taps for a StoneKAST bath?
There are many bath filling options available. You can use either floor standing or wall mounted bath taps, with or without hand shower kits, which will only add to the fantastic looks of the StoneKAST baths. Where space is an issue, the wall mounted bath taps (either bath filler kit, bath shower mixer or bath spout with separate mixer valve) will probably be more suitable. If the bathroom allows a little more space for the StoneKAST bath to take centre stage then a floor standing bath shower mixer or floor standing bath spout with add wow factor to an already beautiful setting.

How do I keep my StoneKAST bath clean?
The StoneKAST freestanding stone bath you have purchased for your home or project is an investment that will provide years of luxurious bathing and a unique centrepiece for your bathroom. StoneKAST is a natural product so simple care and maintenance will preserve its beauty for years to come.

Is a StoneKAST bath easy to install?
StoneKAST freestanding baths have been designed with installation in mind, however any installation should be carried out by a professional with knowledge of statutory plumbing requirements in your country.

Does a StoneKAST Stone bath have an overflow?
Every StoneKAST Freestanding stone bath has a seamless built in overflow. This is now a legal requirement under UK Building Regulations for new builds.

How are the StoneKAST baths delivered?
Every StoneKAST bath is securely crated from the factory, and every care is taken throughout the logistics process to ensure the baths arrive to site in perfect condition. Please ensure your installers are aware of the weight and size of the bath you have ordered and are present on day of delivery.

How heavy are StoneKAST baths?
Beware of cheap and light, plastic based imitations! A StoneKAST bath is made from high quality limestone composite material. Our lightest bath is 139 Kg and our heaviest 215 Kg. The weights of the stone baths are shown on each bath product page.

Will my bathroom floor take the weight of a StoneKat Freestanding Stone Bath?
Most properties will be able to take the weight of a StoneKAST bath, however sometimes with slight modification. We would always recommend that you seek professional advice before installation.

Will my floor be suitable for a StoneKAST bath?
A StoneKAST bath must be installed onto a solid, level surface that will not allow any movement, if you are unsure that your floor will be suitable we would recommend that you seek advice from a structural engineer.

Does a StoneKAST bath retain heat well
A StoneKast stone bath will retain heat much better than a steel or acrylic bath due to the heat insulating properties of the materials used and the thickness of the walls. Limestone which is the main ingredient of the StoneKAST blend, can withhold working temperatures of up to 355 C as opposed to 50 C of acrylic, has a thermal shock resistance 5 times that of acrylic, and conducts (therefore retains) heat at almost ten times the rate of acrylic. The compressive strength of acrylic is 80 MPa compared with 700MPa of limestone.

Where can I purchase a StoneKAST bath
Stonekast baths are only available from authorised retailers. Please contact us and we will email details of your nearest showroom.

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