Stressline installs thermal flooring to “The Zu”

Stressline installs thermal flooring to “The Zu”

Stressline’s thermal flooring option has been chosen by midlands-based developers Cartwright Homes for their new Nuneaton plot “The Zu”.

The thermal flooring product from Stressline consists of high strength floor beams and EPS grade 70 polystyrene infill at 350mm deep designed to reduce the cold-bridging in floors and improve the thermal efficiency of the property.

Cartwright commissioned Stressline on a supply and fix basis to allow Stressline’s expert flooring installation team to install the flooring on site. This means Stressline can ensure correct installation of both floor beams and infill panels which are cut on site using a tailor-made heated wire.

The Zu development is on the west side of Nuneaton and consists of 38 properties which is over 2200m2 of flooring. Stressline’s thermal flooring option was a cost effective way to achieve the desired U-values and make the properties even more efficient and appealing.

The development is due to be completed in 2018 but Cartwright have already sold 14 plots, with only a few remaining.

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