Student accommodation and solar shading: Function and style within budget

Student accommodation and solar shading: Function and style within budget

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From student accommodation to hotels, from apartment blocks to barracks and from care homes to council accommodation, all demand a balance between function and style. Kaydee can help you obtain the maximum from your budget and to give you a result that not only fulfils the function but is also pleasing to the eye.

The Traditional Solution
Curtains are the most obvious solution and are often the most economical. They promote a homely atmosphere and are quick and easy to install. Fabric options include both blackout and dim-out fabrics as well as a good variety of textures and designs. Kaydee can achieve the right style and ambiance for your application and budget.

The Practical Solution
Within the Kaydee range, there will be a roller blind to suit both your purpose and your available funds. From the simple and effective but highly durable Kaydee Shada Gee to the sophisticated and immensely versatile Shada 500 the Kaydee range will provide the shading solution to match your needs.

Couple this with a wide range of fabrics from dim-out to blackout and you can tailor a roller blind to any circumstance.

The Modern Solution
Add a blackout fabric to both top down and bottom up functions the Intrashade pleated blind offers total light control from complete room dim-out to spot shading which matches fully the occupant’s needs.

Operated through an unbreakable magnetic link and contained within a double glazed unit or secondary glazing, the Intrashade pleated blind remains completely out of harm’s way for its entire operating life. With no moving parts and nothing to break, maintenance bills are bound to be significantly reduced.

Designed to make a contribution to energy efficiency and with recyclability in mind the Kaydee Intrashade is a modern response to the need for efficient shading.

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