Superstore on course to save £52,000 thanks to KalGUARD

Superstore on course to save £52,000 thanks to KalGUARD

An extra large supermarket in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, is on course to achieve impressive savings of £52,000 over an eight year period following its decision to install a KalGUARD/CTU water treatment system from Sentinel.

The hypermarket, which is part of one of the world’s largest multinational retailers, opened in February 2014 and Sentinel’s technology is successfully protecting the store’s equipment against limescale formation, even in the most unfavourable water-side conditions of very hard water at high temperature.

Sentinel’s KalGUARD, an electrolytic scale inhibitor kit for commercial hot and cold water systems, is independently proven to protect premises against the damaging and expensive impact of limescale in hard water areas (around two thirds of mainland England is served by hard water). Once installed, the device is extremely low maintenance; the unit’s zinc anode last up to 12 years, while servicing is recommended just twice a year. Furthermore, KalGUARD does not waste water.

The hypermarket’s bakery manager says "These are the cleanest ovens I've ever seen". He is also extremely pleased that no limescale issues have arisen since installation. This is vital because in cases where limescale control is inadequate in bakery equipment, problems include the blocking of steam nozzles, which leads to inconsistent steam distribution, poor baking outcomes and bread wastage.

As a point of note, the retailer boasts around 240 of these extra large hypermarket stores in the UK, 65% of which are in hard water areas. If Sentinel’s KalGUARD technology was deployed in these 156 stores, based on data from Wisbech, an opportunity exists for the retailer to save up to £8 million over 7 years. Of course, the retailer’s superstores (standard large supermarkets) could also benefit. The retailer has around 450 of these, some 290 of which are in hard water areas. What’s more, the additional benefits of water savings and CO2 emissions reduction all contribute towards corporate sustainability goals, which is definitely food for thought.

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