SuraFlow helped Antler Homes overcome problems caused by leaves and pine needles

SuraFlow helped Antler Homes overcome problems caused by leaves and pine needles

Antler Homes have recently completed a complex of prestigious homes in the Woking area. However, although the new luxury homes were picturesquely situated in a lovely location surrounded by a number of mature trees, there was one, unfortunate disadvantage. This was that the pine trees had a tendency to drop, constantly, their needles into the new guttering clogging them up and causing them to overflow and in the Autumn the oak trees were doing their share.

Antler Homes needed to come up with a solution that would permanently prevent the gutters becoming clogged and so keep their commitment to provide low-maintenance homes. Traditional methods of gutter covering, such as a mesh or brush type were considered to be not up to the job because the quantity of leaves and, in particular, pine needles would clog the gutter covering and not allow the water into the gutter. This could result eventually, in damaged brickwork and damp problems.

Antler Homes turned to Suraflow for help. Suraflow-GutterGard is a new, innovatively designed gutter protection system, which is unique, in that it is fitted as a solid barrier onto household guttering. Made of maintenance-free aluminium, it provides a permanent obstruction to leaves, debris and even pine needles getting into the gutter, whilst enabling the water to flow, where it should do, unhindered. The key to the effectiveness of the system is the ‘go with the flow’ design that uses the principles of water tension to enable the water to flow round the barrier and into the gutter and the special coating that stops the water from ‘beading’. Added to this, it is secure in the highest of winds and is tested up to monsoon conditions (36 times the average rainfall in the UK).

The Suraflow professional installers fitted Suraflow-GutterGard to the domestic plastic guttering already installed by Antler Homes, which would now enjoy the added bonus of prolonging the life of the guttering.

Now the pine needles and leaves fall where they should – on the ground and the protected gutters are clear from any debris that might cause problems. For those looking for a maintenance–free home it is the final piece in the puzzle.

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