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Suraflow-GutterGuard: a rainwater harvesting solution

Suraflow-GutterGuard: a rainwater harvesting solution

Suraflow-GutterGuard is a permanent and effective rainwater harvesting system.

The system provides a complete covering to a gutter. By keeping debris, leaves and even pine needles out of the gutter, it ensures that the guttering system works without blockages and that the water reaches the rainwater harvesting system or the water butt in the best possible condition. It is the only gutter protection design that can do this permanently.

Suraflow-GutterGuard is made of anodised aluminium. It provides a flat covering to the gutter but, by clever use of the principle of water tension, the water is enabled to flow into the gutter. The guard has a specially curved edge which the water “adheres” to and runs round. The low-wax anodised surface of the aluminium profile ensures that the water “wets out” promoting laminar flow rather than beading as it crosses the surface.

Larger objects such a leaves, that are likely to have been washed down from the roof, are unable to remain in suspension as the water travels around the bend, because of the ‘thinness’ of the layer of water, and as such are expelled from the surface onto the floor below. Leaves, debris and pine needles will also remain on the flat surface of the guard until blown away by the wind.

At present Suraflow-GutterGuard fits the majority of domestic guttering with the exception of cast iron. It is best to check with Suraflow if guttering, that has a lip at the front, is to be installed. It fits on guttering up to 130mm but no wider.

Water handling capacity is measured in litres per millimetre per metre width. In the UK it is generally accepted that existing gutter systems will handle a maximum rainfall of 75mm/hour. The SuraFlow-GutterGuard system has been tested and proved to handle 40 litres/min/m, which on a 10m roof length equates to 40mm/min (2400mm/hour), or 32 times the accepted maximum rainfall for mainland UK.

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SuraFlow is the only tried and tested gutter guard system that guarantees an end to clogged gutters by keeping leaves, moss, lichen and pine needles out, and the water flowing. SuraFlow does NOT use a gutter mesh, nor slots, but integrates a...
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