Suraflow-GutterGuard provides a blocked gutter solution at Wraysbury Primary School

Suraflow-GutterGuard provides a blocked gutter solution at Wraysbury Primary School

The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead asked Rollalong, who have supplied them with design and build solutions for over 10 years, to provide additional teaching space and associated facilities at Wraysbury Primary School. However, part of the brief was to install a gutter protection system that would alleviate the need for gutter maintenance. This was because there were trees all around where the new building was to be situated and the school did not want to have to clean out the gutters.

Rollalong knew, however, that the system specified would be inadequate within a few months and therefore put forward a product they had previously worked with at MOD sites, and knew to be effective – Suraflow-GutterGuard.

Suraflow-GutterGuard is a successful gutter protection system because it completely covers the gutter with a flat smooth surface, so no slots or holes - nothing for the debris to get stuck on. It is made of aluminum and it has a rounded front profile which, by utilising the principles of surface tension, pulls the water round into the gutter, whilst leaving the leaves, moss and pine needles outside. The design is enhanced by the low-wax anodised surface of the aluminum profile which ensures that the water ‘wets out’, promoting laminar flow, rather than beading as it crosses the surface. This combination is so efficient that it can handle flow rates over 30 times the maximum intensity of rainfall (75mm per hour) that we experience in the UK.

Wraysbury Primary School and the Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead were so impressed with their suggestion that they quickly agreed the product and had it installed. They are now secure in the knowledge that Suraflow-GutterGuard will keep out not only the leaves from their gutters but also the tennis balls, bouncy balls and anything else the children throw onto the school roof at playtime!

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