Suraflow-GutterGuard provides modern solution for home

Suraflow-GutterGuard provides modern solution for home

David Fielding was ambitious with his new build home. He wanted it to be ‘state of the art’, modern and practical, embracing the latest home automation technology that makes life easier and more exciting.

However, the plot of land that he had chosen already had mature deciduous trees on it and although he could fit his design in amongst them he still needed a gutter solution that would eliminate the tedious problem of leaves and roof growths creating blockages. This being especially important because there was also a rainwater harvesting solution to be installed, the use of which is, of course, somewhat limited if the gutters are blocked.

Mr Fielding specified Suraflow-GutterGuard to solve the problem. Suraflow-GutterGuard’s unique design utilises the principle of water tension to enable rainwater to flow round the curved front edge of the guard and into the gutter whilst keeping debris, leaves and even pine needles out.

While it is a proven gutter protection system the uniqueness of the design can make gutter installers question its efficacy. Most gutter installers are used to gutter guards being of a poor design quality with an inability to do their job for any length of time. Mr Fielding’s installers were no less sceptical about Suraflow-GutterGuard and assured Mr Fielding that it “would never work”.

However, after installation and testing proved that Suraflow-GutterGuard did everything it claimed, Mr Fielding’s gutter installers are now themselves converts to the product and have been recommending it to their other customers.

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