Taking Green Infrastructure to New Heights...

Taking Green Infrastructure to New Heights...

The World Green Roof Congress premium sponsor, Bauder, was pleased to host a site visit earlier this week to the green Garden Court at the Museum of London. This roof garden is one of the oldest installed in London and has been in situ since 1976 when the building was erected on the historic site of London Wall. Bauder is the waterproofing manufacturer for the project and has been instrumental in ensuring that the installation was successful.

The Museum of London is the perfect example of how green roofs can be retrofitted and how green infrastructure (such as green roofs, walls and landscaping) can be used to contribute to sustainability and improve the interaction between the local environment and community. The Museum is starting to replace the majority of its roofs, commencing in August 2010, to coincide with the World Green Roof Congress on 15-16 September. The site visit offered the perfect prelude in the lead up to the Congress, showcasing the benefits of green roofs and the extent to which retrofitting is possible on existing buildings within London. It is estimated that approximately 32% of London's roof surface could be retrofitted with green roofs, and the Museum of London demonstrates what is possible on existing buildings and how the Mayor of London's target for retrofitting green roofs can be met.

The Museum recognises the potential that a green roof has to reduce cooling costs in the summer and heating costs in the winter. It is also looking at opportunities to use its green roofs as an educational resource, teaching children about the importance and benefits of sustainability using its own green roof, whilst the on-site beehive in the Garden Court is already being used as an educational resource.

Green roofs make a great contribution to biodiversity, manage surface water and extend the lifespan of a roof, a concept that the Museum of London has whole-heartedly embraced as part of its business. With climate change issues becoming more pronounced, it is estimated that a 10% increase in green space in our cities would help to combat climate change.

The World Green Roof Congress 2010, to be held in London on 15-16 September, will provide the perfect platform from which to learn about developments of green roofs, to discover, share and disseminate international good practice and learn about the contribution that green infrastructure and ecosystems can have on the environment and towards climate change adaptation.

For further information about the greening of the Museum of London's roofs please contact Kate Rosser at the Museum on (020) 7814 5502. For further information about the Congress please contact Nipa Patel on nipa.patel@ciria.org or (020) 7549 3300.

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