Tarkett Offers ‘Spray and Lay’ Simplicity with TarkoSpray

Tarkett Offers ‘Spray and Lay’ Simplicity with TarkoSpray

Tarkett has revolutionised the nature of flooring installation thanks to its new TarkoSpray adhesive. Already used by professionals, this innovative aerosol is easier, quicker, more convenient and more environmentally friendly than ordinary adhesives, with lower emissions and more effective use of resources.

As a lightweight aerosol, TarkoSpray is extremely easy to use with no need for heavy tins or equipment, and no mess. It is specially formulated for use with vinyl floor coverings. Each 454g can of TarkoSpray Pro will cover 15m2, as the fine spray produced directs just the right amount of adhesive to the right place, using 80% less adhesive than traditional methods.

TarkoSpray offers the simple concept of ‘spray and lay’. With no waiting around for welding, which can be done immediately, TarkoSpray is up to 70% faster than a traditional adhesive. The floor is ready to use the same day, even for heavy traffic such as hospital equipment, trolleys and forklifts.

Every aspect of TarkoSpray has been developed to produce an adhesive that is better for people to use and live with, from its water-base to the choice of a non-CFC propellant. It is completely non-toxic and non-flammable, with no lingering odours. Applied from a standing position, TarkoSpray also reduces the risk of industrial injuries to shoulders, backs and knees.

In spite of the exceptional hold, floorcoverings installed using TarkoSpray can be removed without damage to the subfloor. This saves time and materials that would otherwise be needed for repairs, and makes renovations much quicker and easier.

At the end of product life, traditional trowel applied adhesives must be removed from the back of vinyl flooring before it can be recycled. TarkoSpray leaves only minute quantities of inert residue on the underside of flooring enabling simple removal and recycling, saving time and resources.

To watch a demonstration video and see TarkoSpray in action, please log onto http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LYLIbtCPaPk.

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