Tarkett Puts Passion into Linoleum xf

Tarkett Puts Passion into Linoleum xf

Tarkett has been producing linoleum flooring for over one hundred years, using the same manufacturing process and renewable raw materials like linseed oil, resin, jute, wood and cork flour. And the company is as passionate today as its always been. The result is a re-invigorated and up-to-date linoleum collection.

The Linoleum xf design collection is inspired by today’s architectural trends, ensuring a versatile and contemporary design approach that works in all kinds of commercial areas. And outstanding performance comes as standard thanks to Tarkett’s unique ‘xf’ surface treatment. This extremely tough surface protection offers excellent resistance to abrasion, stains and chemicals, needs no initial wax or polish and there’s no need to strip. It is accompanied by Linoleum xf welding rods that need no special treatment, yet resist all kinds of soiling and abrasion.

A dedicated website, www.linoleumxf.com, gives access to the Linoleum xf design toolbox, providing inspiration and advice on choosing the best colours and patterns to suit individual needs. When looking for the right colour set-up, it’s important to have a wide selection to choose from. The Linoleum xf toolbox therefore includes a dynamic and vibrant colour range of 68 references. The collection is also based on four levels of pattern expression, from plain and soft to medium marbling and multicolour, enabling designers to inject energy and movement into the flooring.

Linoleum xf also allows for easy cleaning and maintenance, offering up to 30% savings on costs. Not only is it made from natural, renewable materials, it is also kinder to the environment once installed, consuming 50% less water, detergent and energy in cleaning than traditional linoleum.

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