TekSet® Advance: Guaranteed Performance… all year round

TekSet® Advance: Guaranteed Performance… all year round

Available from 1st Oct 2012, TekSet Advance sets new standards in resin bound decorative surfacing. Innovative hybrid polymer chemistry and advances in technology have been combined to provide the ultimate decorative paving solution. Not only is TekSet Advance long lasting, resilient and highly aesthetic, it is also guaranteed to maintain this performance far longer than conventional systems.

TekSet Advance’s unique polymer exhibits a fast final cure that enables early trafficking without compromising the application time and ensures a much stronger bond between both aggregate particles & application surface. In controlled tests TekSet Advance is up to five times stronger than other systems on the market. This increased internal bond strength creates a more resilient matrix thereby ensuring that its superb performance is maintained for much longer.

TekSet Advance can be installed all year round as the unique formulation means that it will cure in all weather conditions including freezing temperatures and, as long as surface conditions are generally dry, it can be applied until rain is expected within a few minutes.

TekSet Advance is designed for use in pebble binding applications where the product is mixed with aggregate and then trowelled over the work area. The result is a clear finish which coats the particles and allows the colour of the stone to show through. Surfacing bound with TekSet Advance can be made SUDS compliant with correct choice of particle size distribution.

Designed with quality in mind, applications including driveways, heritage sites, footpaths, town centres, restoration projects, parks, pool surrounds, tree-pits, playgrounds, conservatories, car parks, shopping areas, cycle paths and even internal floors can all benefit from TekSet Advance’s unbeatable performance and unlimited design potential.

Not surprisingly, as TekSet Advance can be applied all year round, it opens up a far wider application window for installers who until now have been constrained by weather conditions. In the past, UK installers have had a relatively brief season for the application of resin bound surface products as wet or cold conditions have delayed or even stopped work from going ahead. The developments achieved by Star Uretech’s Technical Department mean this problem has been solved.

Additionally TekSet Advance is hard yet flexible, easy to trowel and provides exceptional value for money. Commenting on the advancements achieved in the development of TekSet Advance, Tony Hughes, Star Uretech’s Managing Director, said ‘this product will prove extremely popular with architects and installers alike. It offers superb performance, is demonstrably stronger than any other system available and is easy to apply all year round.’

TekSet Advance is conveniently supplied as two pre-measured components in a single container, which should be mixed before adding to the aggregate, producing a completely clear non-yellowing film. Free technical advice on the recommended binder levels and aggregate selections will be provided to both installers and specifiers alike.

Available from 1st Oct 2012

Full product specification and installation videos can be found at www.TekSet.co.uk or by calling our technical sales team on 01254 663444.

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