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The benefit of natural ventilation in buildings

The benefit of natural ventilation in buildings

Sunsquare has developed a range of rooflights that are engineered to open electronically, providing abundant natural light and ventilation when the weather is still and dry.

Natural ventilation is important for numerous reasons as covered by Part F of the UK’s Building Regulations. It outlines industry standards for air quality and ventilation for buildings of all uses, as well as the need for condensation prevention.

Natural ventilation provides fresh air to interiors, ensuring buildings built for domestic and commercial properties are safe, healthy and comfortable to live and work in. Replacing stale air with fresher air from outside makes it possible to regulate internal temperatures and humidity. Fresh air is equally as important as ensuring interiors get enough natural daylight.

Sunsquare’s Aero Electric Vent is a classic, stylish rooflight, which looks almost identical to our SkyView rooflights when closed. However, the Aero Vent incorporates state-of-the-art technology to deliver a winning combination of light and ventilation for interiors below.

Fitted with a high-quality, reliable opening mechanism that’s concealed within the sleek framework, the Aero Electric Vent offers easy operation via remote control and can be opened to a maximum opening of 400mm.

When paired with any of our electronic accessories, the Aero Electric Vent is an incredibly intelligent rooflight. If you wanted to combine your Aero Vent with a rain sensor, it triggers the closure of your rooflight from the moment it senses wet weather conditions. You won’t have to lift a finger. Sunsquare also offers a Weather Pack, which triggers the closure of your Aero Vent in the event of high winds as well as rainfall.

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