The BOX Seat 901 at Opera Australia’s “CARMEN”

The BOX Seat 901 at Opera Australia’s “CARMEN”

Venue: Sydney Harbour

Product: The BOX Seat 901 and 903 Models

In a bold endeavour to “claim their patch” of one of the most beautiful views on earth, Site Designers of Opera Australia’s Carmen erected a 40 tonne, purpose-built stage on Sydney Harbour for their spell-binding 2013 production. The Product People's Australian Service Providers, Clifton Productions, installed The BOX Seat 901 and 903 models just meters from the water’s edge so that, as a spectator, you could feel that “you weren't sitting in an audience: you were in the play with the performers” (Eamon D’Arcy, Carmen Site Designer).

The BOX Seat’s rapid installation facility lent itself exceptionally well to the challenge of completing the entire outdoor venue in just a few short weeks. Overlooking the world-renowned Opera House and Harbour Bridge and boasting a 7 metre high Hollywood-style sign of the production’s title, Opera Australia’s adaptation has been dubbed “the most spectacular show of the year” and seen opera lovers from around the world travel to take their place among the crowd for a truly unforgettable experience.

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