The Dental Surgery, Chinnor

The Dental Surgery, Chinnor

Client: The Dental Surgery, Chinnor
Type of works: provided two special sinks for decontamination work

New regulations, monitored by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), have meant a lot of changes for dentists across the UK.

Dentist William Hoy, of The Dental Surgery, Chinnor, Oxfordshire, explained that a change in regulations means that two dedicated sinks should now be available for decontamination work, including where an automated washer-disinfector is in use.

These sinks should not be used for hand-washing. Two sinks or two bowls incorporated into a single unit are recommended because, after cleaning instruments in the first sink, the operator can efficiently rinse the cleaned instruments into the second sink. There’s a greatly reduced risk of re-contaminating the instruments with cleaning agents/detergents or previously removed bio-film.

Mr Hoy asked his plumber to search for a solution. “We had a problem sourcing twin sinks that would fit a 500mm base and couldn’t find a suitable solution anywhere locally.

“But our search led us to GEC Anderson. They were given the measurements over the phone and produced a great solution that fitted perfectly. I’m very happy with the service received and the product supplied.”

GEC Anderson provided two special sinks ensuring compliance with the new setup to meet the regulation requirements. GEC Anderson use a combination of highly efficient, state-of-the-art, automated manufacturing processes and skilled craftsmen to produce a stainless steel finish that provides visual simplicity, intrinsic quality, durability, safety and hygiene that were considered desirable in the project.

GEC Anderson Managing Director, Martin Tye, comments: “We’re pleased we were able to meet Mr Hoy’s requirements after he’d searched for a solution. This provides a really excellent example of the effective use of our bespoke system.

“As a matter of fact, demand for such units is certainly growing and reflects the imposition of more onerous regulations within the Dental Industry.

“In my opinion, the use of high quality stainless steel in an area of hygiene such as dental decontamination is obviously highly desirable, providing hygiene and durability benefits whilst projecting a high degree of professionalism. In this instance, the requirement for sinks without overflow was also crucial.”

The hard-wearing brushed satin stainless steel finish ensures the retention of a professional appearance, even after heavy use in the most demanding of environments.

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