The difference composite doors could make to your home

The difference composite doors could make to your home

As design processes become more innovative and creative, so do our homes. Whether it’s the smallest detail or a huge renovation, our homes have become a way for us to demonstrate our flair for style.

This is true for our front doors too; the entrance to your home can have a huge impact on the overall look of the property. PCL have a stunning range of front doors to suit any property.

But why should you invest in a composite door?

If you consider aesthetics, composite doors can offer a number of different styles. You can choose from an aluminium construction or an aluminium and timber combination, which in itself can influence the way the entrance looks.

Aluminium composite doors also use state of the art technology to ensure your doors are long lasting. Aluminium is a popular choice for the likes of windows and conservatories too. If you opt for an aluminium and timber combination, you can create a very distinctive look for the entrance to your home.

PCL’s composite doors are made specially to order. The composition of each door means that a number of high quality materials come together to offer you various benefits, such as strength and durability. Innovative technology ensures the doors are toughened against intruders as well as being able to withstand the harsh elements.

Those concerned about security can also have peace of mind. The high density foam that is used to fill the composite doors is hardwearing and insulating, but its composition also ensures that your door is incredibly strong. Multi-point locking comes as standard, with long lasting materials. Composite doors have been designed to correct the mistakes of previous doors, meaning they can endure a high level of force.

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