The essential choice for student friendly PBSA operators

The essential choice for student friendly PBSA operators

As more Generation Z students enter university life, the sustainability credentials of PBSA operators and universities will be more closely scrutinised than ever before, both in terms of their organisational strategies and the physical environments they construct for their residents.

A 2016 study on Generation Z attitudes to climate change demonstrated that 81% believe the private sector and governments share equal responsibility for positive change₁. Further, a GreenMatch study found that 72% of Generation Z would be prepared to spend more money on goods and services produced in a sustainable fashion.₂

What does this mean for PBSA operators?

As David North of Osborne Clarke notes “The future of living is shifting in many ways but it is anticipated that the PBSA sector will be at the forefront of the push to decarbonise the built environment.”

Sundeala Fire Rated Notice Board is manufactured from 100% recycled and recyclable materials in a fully sustainable way, but it has the additional benefit of providing PBSA operators with enhanced peace of mind regarding fire safety:

“We choose to specify Sundeala Fire Rated Board for several reasons. The health and happiness of our students is our highest priority and Sundeala FR is the only board we are confident offers the level of fire safety we demand for our residents. When you combine the fire safety with its lifetime value and 100% recycled, 100% recyclable proposition, it was an easy choice to make.”

Senior Buyer, UK’s Largest PBSA Operator.

Compelling reasons to specify Sundeala FR Notice Board in PBSA:

1. It adheres to fire rating Class B-s1, d0 to BS EN 13501-1 providing a critical passive fire resistance in student spaces.
2. It is made from 100% recycled material. It can also be completely recycled at the end of its life.
3. It is 100% free of Coronavirus within 5 minutes with no cleaning required.
4. It is manufactured in the UK - we guarantee consistency of quality and continuity of supply.
5. It has an outstanding 25-year surface warranty.

When specifying Sundeala FR Notice Board, remember that we can cut bespoke sizes to complement your fixtures and fittings, that it is available in 7 colours and that we can wrap the boards in your choice of fabric to match your design colourways.

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