The good, the bad and the overly efficient washroom

The good, the bad and the overly efficient washroom

We are constantly being told how important first impressions are in business. But what about the business premises themselves, responsible as they are for welcoming new and potential business associates, and the often forgotten areas of the office, such as washrooms, which can say as much about a business as the presentation of the boardroom or well thought out lunch.

Joe De Michele, national account manager at Georgia-Pacific examines the importance of good washroom presentation and questions exactly what ‘good’ looks like when it comes to acceptable standards of hygiene and maintenance in away from home washrooms.

There are good practices and rules to abide when it comes to facilities management, which will invariably differ from business to business depending on frequency of use amongst other factors – but what exactly does good like when it comes to washroom standards of presentation and ongoing maintenance? What is acceptable, what is good and what goes above and beyond end users expectations to create a unique wow factor?

Good standards of cleanliness will be dictated by the quality of cleaning and washroom products, the number and skill of maintenance staff available to service washrooms – all of which are reliant on direction from the facilities manager.

But when a business includes a high-rise office block, with upwards of 100 washrooms to maintain, is it right to indulge in a few time saving measures or cost cutting exercises, regardless of the impact to the end user?

We’ve all born witness to public or away from home washrooms with stacks of toilet rolls in the cubicles seemingly for the users’ convenience, or seen bundles of loose hand towels left on sink tops, but what does this convey to the end user. It may save time for facilities staff but what kind of impression does it give about business and could it, ultimately create more problems than it may seemingly solve.

These frequently hidden, time saving measures can often reverse any good work done.

The challenge for facilities managers is to regularly review the needs of the end user and consult with facilities staff faced with day-to-day maintenance. Which products are awkward to refill, what are the key areas for accumulating unsightly mess and, more proactively, what processes and products could be improved upon and how?.

Maintaining cleanliness is key, but reviewing the needs of the washroom and those who frequent it, be it end user or servicing and cleaning staff, is paramount to prescribing the most appropriate products.

Achieving high standards of cleanliness and hygiene can only be truly achieved where the correct products are in place – time can then be spent, not refilling or changing stock, but on regular and thorough cleaning.

Many washroom products available on the market will provide form over function, but is it both realistic and achievable to expect that a product conforms on both principles.

Blending or even complimenting the washroom aesthetics is important in achieving the right look and feel. The overall experience however is reliant on quality products, which function efficiently and – where appropriate – provide controlled dispensing.

enMotion® touchless hand towel dispensing with a stub roll facility which automatically unwinds the next roll ready for use so the dispenser need never run out. The sheet by sheet dispensing from the fully enclosed dispenser not only reduces any unsightly mess for the end user but also minimizes any unnecessary wastage for facilities managers. The enclosed roll is also key for maintaining high levels of hygiene and end users, never more aware of the risks of cross contamination, will be reassured by dispensing systems which deliver paper efficiently and via stylish means.

Georgia-Pacific prides itself on innovation and all of its products are designed with the end user in mind. Added to that principal, Georgia-Pacific also consult regularly with customers to ensure that maintenance is as easy as possible and that time spent refilling dispensers, be that paper or foam soap, is reduced.

The Lotus Professional® nextTurn™ Compact System, like the enMotion® paper towel dispenser, has also been designed to protect its contents. Moreover the nextTurn™dispenser also houses two coreless rolls, providing more sheets to the roll than traditional conventional rolls, reducing the frequency of restocking and servicing time but without risk to the overall look and feel of the washroom facilities.

A tailored solution is key and our sales team pride themselves on delivering a system approach with the most appropriate products to meet the demands of your washroom and what it says about your business.

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