The importance of maintaining automatic doors

The importance of maintaining automatic doors

Automatic doors represent a relatively small percentage of the total cost of a building, but a breakdown could cost a disproportionate amount in terms of the outlay associated with repair or replacement. It could also lead to legal action should anyone get hurt and disruption for people trying to enter or leave the building.

These are compelling reasons to take steps to mitigate the impact of breakdowns by switching to regular preventative maintenance of automatic door systems. Not only does it prevent potentially troublesome faults from developing, but it also offers peace of mind and saves money by preventing serious damage which can result in expensive and time-consuming repairs.

The relevant British Standard advises that trained engineers should service automatic doors regularly to ensure that they function at their optimal level and all safety systems are operating correctly.

Door manufacturers Record UK has established 24/7 as a division that specialises in the repair and maintenance of all matters of automatic and manual door systems throughout the UK. With a fleet of liveried vans positioned around the UK, the company’s trained engineers are on call to attend to emergencies 24 hours a day.

Engineers can repair all types of commercial doors and roller shutters. By stocking their vans with common components, the engineers will often complete repairs in a single visit.

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