The innovative GammaStone GFRC PLUS AIR patented slabs

The innovative GammaStone GFRC PLUS AIR patented slabs

GammaStone AIR patented slabs are produced by means of sophisticated, state-of-the-art technological plants and systems that enable the realization of light panels in glass, natural stone and porcelain of large sizes up to 4200×1500 mm.

The products are distinguished by compactness, excellent technical characteristics, extraordinary resistance and unparalleled aesthetics that fit any style of architecture. An infinite number of solutions for exteriors and interiors, in classic and modern style, able to satisfy every taste and need.

Product composition:
The panel is composed of an ultrathin sheet in cement mortar, a structural core interposed between two glass fiber mats and a stainless steel sheet with a thickness of 0.5 mm.

What exactly is the innovative character of the product compared to the market?
The GammaStone GFRC Plus AIR solution is composed of ultra-thin high-performance concrete reinforced with amorphous metal fibres. The panel offers self-cleaning and photocatalytic characteristics thanks to the special ingredient TX Active. It allows designers to customize both the colour and surface finish.

What exactly is the innovative character of the product compared to the previous collection?
The biodynamic cement preserves the aesthetic characteristics over time, reducing cleaning and aesthetic maintenance. Twice more resistant than an ordinary mortar. Lightness and practicality in the installation, despite large format.

Technical aspects (use, sound, duration):
Max panel dimensions: 3200x1500 mm Total panel thickness: 17 mm Cement thickness: 5 mm Panel weight: 18 kg / m²

Ecological considerations:
The mortar involves the use of 80% of recycled aggregates, partly deriving from the scraps of Carrara marble, which give a superior brilliance to traditional white cements. Amber metal fibers are also used, making the material more resistant. The mortar is photocatalytic thanks to the patented active TX Active principle. In contact with sunlight it allows to capture some pollutants present in the air, turning them into inert salts and thus helping to free the atmosphere from the smog.

Projects in progress:
LATTERIE INALPI represents the first example of a façade realized with the use of panels GAMMASTONE GFRC PLUS AIR. The aesthetic peculiarity of this expansion project is the use of ultralight large sheets that reach the size of 1500x3000mm and through the monolithic edges, used as a solution in the windows and false ceiling, enhance the material continuity between the covering of the various surfaces.

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