The Midland Hotel, Manchester

The Midland Hotel, Manchester

Client: The Midland
Type of works: supply and installation of Lotus Professional's enMotion® automated hand-towel dispensers.

enMotion® has proved to be the perfect solution for leading Manchester hotel, The Midland.

A stylish and aesthetically pleasing hand-drying system, enMotion® has not only complemented the hotel’s décor, but also saved staff time and resources. The infamous building is an historic landmark in the city and is just one of Paramount’s 16 prestigious destinations across the UK. This classic site is deeply rooted in Manchester’s history and sits under Paramount’s umbrella company, Quintessential – accommodation renowned for its classic features. Priding itself on quality and high levels of service, The Midland reflects this in everything it does, down to the high standards of hygiene and cleanliness within its washrooms. With 303 en-suite rooms, 14 suites, conferencing facilities and a fitness suite, keeping the washrooms in premium condition is of high priority for Public Areas Supervisor, Lynn Gaskin.

“With a turnover of around 2,500 guests per week we are constantly monitoring and maintaining the cleanliness of the public washrooms, which requires hourly checks. I was conscious that the time spent by staff topping up and tidying wastage from the z-fold hand towels previously installed was unproductive and decided it was time for a change.”

enMotion® presented the perfect solution for the Midland Hotel as the revolutionary automated hand dryer, launched in 2003, has changed the face of drying systems offering a stylish, modern design with potential for substantial cost savings. With a strong emphasis on hygiene, more and more businesses are realising that the less contact surfaces touched, the less bacteria can be transmitted, and in turn this has increased the demand for automated washroom equipment.

Responding to the customer’s needs, Lotus Professional recognised that electronic hand-towel dispensing was the next logical step towards an automated washroom. This durable system offers several unique features designed to minimise the spread of germs through its touchless sensor. When the user waves a hand in front of the sensor a length of towel is automatically dispensed. By limiting contact with the dryer this reduces the transfer of infectious organisms, and with an easy tear system this too prevents the user having to touch the paper towel exit when removing the towel.

The benefits of enMotion® reach beyond hygiene issues.The system provides extraordinary cost in use savings – as much as 50% - as it lowers wastage, controls usage and reduces maintenance. The adjustable functions offered by enMotion® can be tailored to suit the washroom environment and take into consideration individual requirements. Features include sensor proximity to prevent accidental dispensing in smaller washrooms and an adjustable sheet size function, allowing housekeeping to adjust the towel size according to application suitability.The other adjustable setting is a time delay between sheets so that the user is encouraged to use fewer towels.

The system operates a simple stub-roll transfer system enabling the paper roll to be used to the end, whilst a new roll is placed in the machine ready to feed through automatically when the stub roll has finished. This feature considerably cuts wastage as no part rolls are thrown away and the dispenser need never run out of paper, resulting in high user satisfaction.

enMotion® is now a permanent fixture at The Midland and has been a welcome change for both staff and guests. Lynn Gaskin explained: “I have received a lot of positive comments relating to the look of enMotion® and this is substantiated by the performance of the hand towel dispenser, as people feel it is far more hygienic and has a consistently clean look. From a maintenance perspective it is easier to manage as we can gauge orders far more precisely – in one of our busy areas one roll can last three days as we limit how much of the towel is dispensed.This makes it easier for the team to identify where and when top ups will be required without wasting valuable time.”

With the installation of enMotion® at the hotel, Lynn Gaskin has since signed up to a range of Lotus Professionals products including toilet rolls in the bedroom and washroom areas, facial tissues and kitchen wipes and cloths. Lynn also has high hopes for the future: “I’d like to see more washroom appliances in the style of enMotion as there is already a soap dispenser to match, and I believe a toilet tissue dispenser is currently being developed – it’s such as stylish system that it should be complimented by a host of other Lotus Professional products in a similar style.”

Lotus Professional Account Manager Paul Canning: “The enMotion® hand drying system matched perfectly The Midland’s requirements as it not only looks good but the cost saving potential is huge. With such a rapid turnover of guests, it was clear from initial meetings with Lynn that enMotion® would help to overcome issues surrounding towel wastage and allow her team to monitor the washrooms far more easily.”

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