The new DOFF Power Unit

Do you often struggle to find a mains power source when using the DOFF system? Or wrestle with extension cord after extension cord? Introducing Stonehealth’s newest member of the stone cleaning and preservation line up… the new DOFF Power Unit.

Stonehealth are excited to announce that this high tech, low maintenance addition to the DOFF system is now ready to start rolling out.

Being completely self-contained and self-charging this new power unit can replace DOFF’s electrical pump whether it be a past, present, or future model without needing a power boost from a heavy, bulky generator when you want to use your DOFF unit. As an efficient addition, this unit has an air cooled diesel engine so that you don’t have to worry about it over heating.

And, just to make things even easier, the DPU sits in its own, purpose built tubular trolley with its own wheels for easy manoeuvring. The new DPU only needs you to supply water (5L per minute for a DOFF), meaning you can run ‘off the grid’ with just 250 litres of water!

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