The New VertiQ Wall Absorbers From Rockfon, Designed For Installation In Schools And Sporting Venues

The New VertiQ Wall Absorbers From Rockfon, Designed For Installation In Schools And Sporting Venues

VertiQ from Rockfon is a new, exciting concept in wall absorbers, specifically designed for installation in schools and sporting venues, as well as being suitable for offices. Combining modern aesthetics with excellent impact resistance, VertiQ highly sound absorbent wall absorbers offer strength and safety, with a unique fixing system.

A major advantage of VertiQ lies in its dimensional flexibility, with no limits to wall height or width. This is a major benefit for installations within contemporary schools, leisure facilities and sports halls where traditional suspended ceilings cannot be installed and the wall area needs to be utilised to achieve optimum acoustics.

Strength and safety have been incorporated into the system, which can only be installed using Rockfon's unique fixing bracket and demounted with a specific demounting tool. Other wall absorbers are generally fixed permanently to the wall, often with glue or covered by profiles that are very easy to demount, even by children. VertiQ's secure yet demountable characteristics offer superior versatility over traditional wall absorbers.

With high impact resistance properties, VertiQ can resist occasional impact from hockey and volley balls. VertiQ wall panels are made from natural stone wool and have a modern, woven surface. VertiQ is available in three colours – white, light grey and dark grey, and when installed directly to the wall using System HAT profile, it meets the requirements of ‘high impact resistance’ in accordance with DIN 18032 Part 3.

Benefitting from the inherent properties of stone wool, VertiQ complies with Class A2-s1 dO in accordance with EN13501 for reaction to fire, and the highest level of sound absorption, Class A. Its unique design reduces reverberation time, improves the noise levels and enhances speech intelligibility within the room.
“This is not just another wall absorber, this is an aesthetic and practical solution in terms of impact resistance and sound absorption,” explains Tim Spencer, Technical Manager for Rockfon. “VertiQ helps to create a safe and sound indoor environment and is of particular benefit in sports arenas.” VertiQ provides numerous creative design opportunities, and because it is backed by Rockfon’s reputation of proven durability, requires much lower maintenance than comparable wall absorption systems.

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