The Oplia Family


With six different products, the Oplia Family delivers ideal acoustics, in any space. Improving audio in and in between spaces, with the highest level of sound absorption and attenuation in their range.


Oplia suspended ceiling tiles have a smooth, laminated finish for a sleek aesthetic. Offering truly balanced acoustic performance, they combine excellent sound absorption and sound attenuation properties. They are ideal for communal interiors like offices and classrooms.

With high light reflectance of 86% to boost wellbeing, Oplia has extremely low VOC emissions to further improve end user productivity and health.

From classic to bold: Oplia is available in 35 exciting colours which can be used to define zoned areas, assist with wayfinding, or simply add creativity to your designs. Choose crisp and classic white, deep black, or neutrals like greys and browns. Or select more playful shades of blue, green, yellow, orange, red, and purple.

Play with light, shadow, and shape: With four different edge types and two different shapes, Oplia allows you to create different light and shadow effects across the ceiling. Choose a board edge create a flat finish, or a Tegular15 edge to deepen and enhance shadows.

ISO 5 Clean Room Certification: Oplia acoustic ceiling tiles are suitable for use in clean rooms with ISO 5 classification in accordance with ISO 14644-1:1999.

Made in the UK: With the exception of tile with the SL2 edge detail, Oplia suspended ceiling tiles are manufactured in the UK at our factory in Gateshead, Tyne and Wear. SL2 edge tiles are manufactured in the EU.

Oplia Triangle

Oplia Triangle suspended ceiling tiles are cut into an equilateral triangle shape, allowing you add a very different visual effect to your suspended ceiling design. Combine with colour to add a striking and impactful visual element to your project’s interior.

With a smooth, laminated finish for a sleek aesthetic, these triangular ceiling tiles offer truly balanced acoustic performance. They combine excellent sound absorption and sound attenuation properties. They are ideal for communal interiors like offices and classrooms.

Oplia hA+

Oplia hA+ is a Class A rated suspended ceiling tile. With a rating of 1.00αw, it is ideal for libraries and other open plan areas that are designed to enhance focus and concentration. With 85% light reflectance, it is often used to improve interior light levels and reduce reliance on artificial light sources.
Oplia hA+ contains up to 79% recycled material and is fully recyclable.

Oplia hA

Oplia hA suspended ceiling tiles provide excellent sound absorption. With a Class A sound absorption rating, they are often specified in open plan areas like contact centres, libraries, and cafeterias.

With 85% light reflectance, it can be used to bounce daylight around an interior and improve user wellbeing and productivity. Oplia hA is made of up to 44% recycled content and is 100% recyclable.

Oplia hA dB

Oplia hA dB combines a smooth laminated finish with the highest levels of sound absorption and sound attenuation in one tile, making it an ideal ceiling solution for flexible working spaces.

Oplia dB

Specify Oplia dB suspended ceiling tiles when privacy is your client’s main priority. Oplia dB provides enhanced sound attenuation performance of 41dB, reducing the transmission of sound between adjacent spaces. This makes it ideal for private offices and boardrooms, or multi-let buildings.

With a smooth, laminated surface for a sleek visual finish, Oplia dB provides 86% light reflectance when specified in white. It contains up to 64% recycled material.


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