The Quadrant:MK, Milton Keynes

The Quadrant:MK, Milton Keynes

Client: Network Rail
Architects: GMW
Building Services Consultant: URS
Construction Contractors: Bam
Type of works: Supply of a heating system

Network Rail, the authority responsible for the United Kingdom’s rail infrastructure, will soon be opening the doors to The Quadrant:MK, its new national headquarters located in Milton Keynes. The construction of the 400,000 square foot building took well over a year, at a cost of £107 million. With over 3,000 employees working in the brand-new offices, The Quadrant:MK is set to make Network Rail the largest employer in Milton Keynes.

One facet of The Quadrant:MK that Network Rail would not compromise on was sustainability – the company are committed to being eco-friendly, and the multiple ‘green’ features of the building reflect this promise. ‘Living roofs’, recycled rainwater, shaded glass and multiple electric car recharging points are just some of the environmentally-friendly highlights of The Quadrant:MK. When it came to selecting a manufacturer to provide sustainable and energy-efficient heating systems, Jaga was the natural choice.

Over 1.25 kilometres of Jaga’s Mini Canal trench heating system were installed throughout The Quadrant:MK – adjacent to the large glass panels that feature on all floors. The placement of the Mini Canals prevent condensation and unwanted draughts, ensuring the building’s occupants are comfortable at all times.

The Mini Canal uses Jaga’s Low-H2O technology – a low-mass, low-water content system, equipped with an efficient fin tube element that complies with present and future building codes. The super-light, ultra-thin sheets of aluminium and copper – 181 fins per metre of radiator – react faster when warmth is needed, meaning the Mini Canal consumes less energy and cuts carbon-emissions by 10%. In turn, this helps to ensure The Quadrant:MK’s sustainability.

The Mini Canals were delivered to The Quadrant:MK fully-assembled, pre-tested and ready-to-fit for ease of installation. The trench has various depth and size options, and its versatility proved essential for this project, due to the 500 mm excess void on each level. Jaga was able to adapt to this larger than usual depth, manufacturing bespoke ‘top-hat’ feet that raised the lengths of Mini Canal to the appropriate height. To match the stylishly modern interior of The Quadrant:MK, an aluminium rigid grille was used – elegantly hiding the innovative and eco-friendly technology beneath.

Technical Sheet:

The Mini Canal is available in depths starting from just 90mm to 500mm making it ideal for providing supplementary or primary heating across multiple storeys or floating floors. All Mini Canal products are delivered fully-assembled and ready to install.

Features include:
• Rapid heating up speed due to the low water content
• High heat output is achieved with normal and low flow temperatures
• Low-H20 heat exchanger, which is made from copper and aluminium that is non-corrosive
• 30 year guarantee

Mini Canal grilles are available in a wide range of materials and colours. Please refer to the Jaga website for details.

High Efficiency:
Thanks to the low water content and high coefficient of heat conduction for low flow temperatures, Mini Canal with its Low-H2O element is ideal to use in combination with high efficiency boilers and/or condensing technology.

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