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The Shoal – Stratford, London

The Shoal – Stratford, London

The Shoal – London (UK)
Architect: SEW
Contractor: SH Structures Limited
Type of works: Creation of the GRP elements, the anodised titanium cladding of the leaves, the GRP damper cowls and cloud elements for The Shoal

The Shoal is one of the elements of a wider plan to transform Stratford Town Centre in London. The sculpture forms a new linear edge along Great Eastern road that helps gives Stratford a new identity on arrival. The sculpture is comprised of around 73 titanium clad leaves, 17 metres in the air that move in the wind to create a dynamic and natural motion. Sorba is responsible for the GRP elements, the anodised titanium cladding of the leaves, the GRP damper cowls and cloud elements.

The internal frames for the leaf and cloud elements are made out of 25 mm thick exterior quality WBP bonded plywood.

The elements are made out of 2 separate shells, made out of 4mm thick vacuum injection biaxial E-glass-polyester, which is comparable tot. 4x600 gr/m² CSM laminate. These elements are formed in bespoke moulds. In one of the shells the plywood frame is embedded into the GRP. The “empty” shell is fixed onto the embedded plywood frame, thus forming a complete element, within these complete elements a stainless steel drip pipe is integrated, to drain off any condensed water.

The titanium is cut and punched in the factory prior to anodising. The anodizing of the titanium is carried out in Japan, after anodising the visible side of the titanium sheets will be protected with a PVC protection foil.

The leaves are mounted on a specially designed pallet, which allows the units to be turned over and used as workplace when fixing the titanium skin. In this also allows the leaves to be transported safely as the complete pre-assembled elements.

At the construction side, the elements are hoisted using a crane; the fixers connect the arms of the element to the steel construction, working from cherry pickers.

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