The ultimate High Security Solution

The ultimate High Security Solution

If you're looking for the ultimate high security solution look no further than Progeny's scrambler keyboard and interlocking system.

The combination of Progeny's highly innovative scrambler keyboard and interlocking door systems is arguably one of the most secure access control solutions available. There are many applications where security must be controlled, such as cash handling areas in supermarkets, banks and building societies and betting shops. There are even applications in the health sector where security is a top priority and controlling access a necessary pre-requisite.

The scrambler keyboard does not suffer from the lack of security associated with a traditional keyboard, where an onlooker can easily discover the entry code by observing which keys are pressed. With the Progeny scramble keyboard the keys are scrambled each time it is used and with over 3.6 million permutations the chances of an intruder guessing the correct combination are remote at best. As the digits are scrambled observing which keys are pressed will not reveal the code or the PIN to a potential intruder. Each time the keyboard is used, the 0-9 digits are allocated at random to the keyboards 10 keys. Interlock systems control the locking of two or more doors, such that if one door is open or unlocked, the remaining doors refuse access. The system works by continually monitoring each door and when any of the doors in the system is open it automatically locks all other doors.

As an example of the two systems working together a scrambler keyboard could be used to allow access to the first door and only when the first door is closed would access be allowed to the second door. Similarly the second door could be controlled with a scrambler keyboard which could have a different access combination.

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