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Tips on setting up an 'off the grid' glamping site [BLOG]

Tips on setting up an 'off the grid' glamping site [BLOG]

In 2020, it seems that the 'back to basics', 'less is more', 'off the grid' type holiday experiences are becoming more and more popular as people seek to unplug from their busy day to day lives. Today, this type of experience is being provided by the glamping sector now.

Back to basics

Josephine from White Peak Shepherds Huts wrote about setting up an off-grid glampiste way back in 2016. Back then, she remarked, 'for that eco-friendly, basic glamping holiday, you don't need mains utility facilities to set up an outstanding 'glampsite' that people will flock to, in fact, quite the opposite is true.' Josephine also remarks that the ability to create one's own entertainment and explore nature has been lost to many of today's children.

Having said that, it seems that many early learning preschools are coming back to kids putting on their wellies and enjoying the great outdoors. Many of these preschools are reintroducing young children to letting their imaginations run wild by playing outside. The idea is to create a more active and positive mindset through physical activity to enhance wellbeing. This could hopefully be a long term solution to dealing with some of the mental health-related issues facing many adults today.

Eco-friendly holidaying

In 2016, Josephine quoted the world tourism organisation saying that 'ecotourism is the fastest growing sector of the tourism industry expanding by 20% to 34% year on year.' Glampsan are noticing a sharp rise in interest for waste sanitation solutions from glamping businesses. From their research in 2019, traction for people seeking to take short breaks in the countryside is increasing. People are enjoying glamping in shepherds huts, treehouses, yurts and many others. So, Glampsan believe there has never been a better time to use that spare piece of land and set up a simple off-grid glamping venue in a remote field or woodland.

Setting up that off-grid experience

In the last few years, glamping utilities have come a long way. Light can be easily provided via trendy designer type lanterns and many other means. Heat and cooking can be delivered via a fantastic selection of wood-burning stoves. And even power can be supplied from solar-powered batteries now. Water and waste do remain the most challenging of all of the services to think through though. Glampsan are specialists in this area, and they advise many glamping businesses as to their effluent options.

For example, water from a local water source or from collecting rainwater can be harvested stored in a specialised tank where it is filtered and passed through a filtration and UV-sterilising system which makes it safe for drinking. It would help if you liaised with your Local Planning Authority as well as the Environmental Agency on such matters.

If there is no access to mains water on your site, then fret not. When it comes to dealing with sewage waste, waterless Composting Toilets have gained considerable popularity for that authentic off-grid experience. These eco-friendly toilet systems need to be managed correctly but are entirely odourless and easy to use and maintain too.

If you're looking to set up an off-grid glamping experience, then please contact Glampsan today on 0800 999 6010 or email them at [email protected].

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Glampsan specialise in managing water and waste solutions for the Glamping sector. They supply plastic tanks from 150 to 30,000 litres for above and below ground storage of sewage waste and water.

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