Top Green Guide rating for Cembrit fibre cement slates

Top Green Guide rating for Cembrit fibre cement slates

Cembrit is proud to announce that following a full, independently audited life cycle assessment by BRE Global, its Czech produced fibre cement slates have been awarded a Certificated Environmental Profile with Green Guide ratings of A and A+. Cembrit fibre cement slates are currently the only fibre cement slate certificated in this scheme and are listed on BRE Global’s

The Green Guide to Specification gives a rating for a range of specifications on a scale of A+ to E. Cembrit’s range of five variations of fibre cement slate allow designers to achieve the highest ratings for roof specifications if they incorporate Cembrit fibre cement slates. Green Guide rated products are awarded Ecopoints which form part of the material’s BREEAM credits. These credits go towards the building achieving a higher BREEAM rating. Using Cembrit fibre cement slates can consequently contribute to achieving an environmentally outstanding building. The award supplements the existing environmental management system in force at the Cembrit factory which fully complies with ISO EN 14001:2004.

“Increasingly, the environmental impact of construction products is an important consideration for anyone involved in building specification,” says Ged Ferris, Marketing Manager at Cembrit. “We at Cembrit are pleased to be able to make a positive contribution with our well accredited fibre cement slates. Being the only manufacturer of fibre cement slates currently with a certificated Envrionmental Profile and Green Guide rating gives specifiers a clear and simple choice as to the best fibre cement slate to use to achieve outstanding roofs.”

Cembrit is committed to providing more than just a basic product. The company aims to maintain fibre cement’s position as a sustainable, contemporary building material and following the full life cycle assessment by BRE Global, it is now possible to obtain an Ecopoint score for a fibre cement roof slate with a rating for a 60 year impact and select a slate roofing element which will achieve an A+/A rating.

The Cembrit fibre cement slate range is available in five variations of colour and surface which are all complemented by matching ridge, ventilation and verge accessories alongside a full range of fixing products. Manufactured to the highest European standards using Portland cement together with a formulation of superior blended synthetic and cellulose fibres, Cembrit fibre cement slates are finished with a high quality, semi-matt acrylic coloured coating to the face and edges and a tinted, high performance binder to the back face.

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