Top of the Series

Top of the Series

With the vast array of hospital environments that Loxos has supplied with its baby-changing stations, two models have, in the last few years, risen to the top of the list in popularity.

The two models are the Betamat and Omegamat, but what are their features and why are they so popular?

The Omegamat (shown above) is the larger of the two models at 135cm wide and 67cm deep. It features a carer hand-wash basin, a baby bath, change area, storage under the sink and a four-drawer baby scale block. The functional, ergonomic design ensures the comfort of both child and carer alike.

The Betamat is slightly smaller at 101cm wide and 67cm deep but still incorporates the baby bath, shower attachment, storage area under the sink and the four-drawer baby scale block. Like all models it can be specified in a choice of colours (mat and doors) taken from a bold colour palette.

Both are reversible in design so can be fitted to any corner, alongside each other or back to back to make a central island, giving ample hand-wash, bathing and changing facilities.

Within a relatively small footprint they provide the child and carer with all they could require, so coupled with the usual Loxos experience, standards of manufacture, durability and safety features, they really do speak for themselves.

With so many options, Loxos can always provide the perfect solution, for any changing needs, by taking into account allocated space, cost and of course the child and carers needs.

For more specific details on these or any other models, contact Loxos.

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